UNNO - As We Land

After a first version of the EP released in October 2015, the trio is back with a new version of As We Land with two new tracks and a vinyl edition. United as brothers, the three guys continue their exploration of an unclassifiable music. In a universe full of emotions, they adapt themsleves to the message carried by the voice of Awir Leon. From Dilla’s inspired hip hop to a James Blake electronic sound tainted of a pop spread by Metronomy, they unleash themselves from the codes to express their deepest words and secrets.

Weitere Alben

Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
NOW016 Blue Leaf
[NOW016 - 1]
0 3'43 Unno Text [...] Post-dubstep. Dreamy & nocturne. Synth, male singer & rhythm. aktuell, auf Englisch gesungen, Werbung, städtisch, arty, einprägsam [...]
NOW016 The Miles
[NOW016 - 2]
0 3'53 Unno Text [...] Post-dubstep. Lazy & catchy. Synth, male singer & rhythm. aktuell, Sänger, Arpeggiator, auf Englisch gesungen, post-dubstep, städtisch [...]
NOW016 Walls
[NOW016 - 3]
0 4'11 Unno Text [...] Post-dubstep. Arty & mysterious. Synth, male singer, electric guitar @ 1'21 & rhythm. aktuell, Intro, arty, post-dubstep, auf Englisch gesungen, Sänger [...]
NOW016 We Lay High
[NOW016 - 4]
0 3'57 Unno Text [...] Post-dubstep. Nostalgic & urban. Synth, male singer & rhythm. aktuell, arty, auf Englisch gesungen, Sänger, post-dubstep, melancholisch [...]
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