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Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
UBM2227 Power Pattern
[UBM2227 - 1]
0 2'13 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Confident groove with electronic bits and funky guitar interludes. Steady and energetic. Underscore, energisch, schwungvoll, Extremsport Kampfsport, Motorsport [...]
UBM2227 Rock for Freedom
[UBM2227 - 2]
0 2'17 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Upbeat & optimistic pop tune for leisure, sports and entertainment. Airy guitars, piano [...] Mannschaftssport, triumphierend, Underscore, zuversichtlich, energisch [...]
UBM2227 Rock a Ball
[UBM2227 - 3]
0 1'48 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Fun rock'n'roll track with a vintage feel. Good-humored and catchy. daytime TV, stolz, Outtake, Küche & Deko, energisch [...]
UBM2227 A Special Job
[UBM2227 - 4]
0 2'38 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Slightly mysterious atmosphere meets funky guitar and a straight-forward beat. Classic spy [...] Underscore, Spionage-Filme, mysteriös, energisch, fragend [...]
UBM2227 Beach Chiller
[UBM2227 - 5]
0 2'06 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Contemporary electronica with a chilled vibe. Laid-back, sleek and radiating positive [...] Abspann TV, Underscore, konstant, energisch, schwungvoll [...]
UBM2227 Fuel Happiness
[UBM2227 - 6]
0 2'00 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Warm, uplifting track for commercials and trailers. Very family-friendly. E-Gitarre, Folk-Gitarre, Outdoor, Pop-Rock, Küche & Deko [...]
UBM2227 Lord of Rock
[UBM2227 - 7]
0 2'01 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Heavy yet not aggressive. Guitar-driven rock track for action and sports. energisch, Jugendserien, Schlagzeug, schwungvoll, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2227 Easy Power
[UBM2227 - 8]
0 1'53 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Upbeat, quirky song for use in commercials, family TV and entertainment. Claps, zuversichtlich, sorglos, Outdoor, Pop-Rock [...]
UBM2227 Funky Power
[UBM2227 - 9]
0 2'29 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Breakbeat, heavy bassline and funky guitar characterize this contagiously catchy power pop [...] daytime TV, mitreißend, Funky, zuversichtlich, schwungvoll [...]
UBM2227 Uptempo Sun
[UBM2227 - 10]
0 2'05 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Light-hearted, airy, floating. For images of nature, travel, busy city life and leisure. fx delay, Mannschaftssport, energisch, E-Gitarre, Synthetizer [...]
UBM2227 Lions Symphony
[UBM2227 - 11]
0 2'38 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Calm and reflective. Bells and strings develop into a cinematic theme featuring a beautiful [...] Underscore, begeisternd, Streicher, Liebeskomödie, bewegend [...]
UBM2227 Strings and Beat
[UBM2227 - 12]
0 1'48 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Sunny track that radiates warmth and positivity. For commercial use and daytime TV. Underscore, zuversichtlich, daytime TV, hell, Wetterdienst [...]
UBM2227 Tripotronic
[UBM2227 - 13]
0 1'56 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Neutral and subtle electronic track for images of science, technology and industry. Underscore, rigoros, Wissenschaften, atmosphärisch, mysteriös [...]
UBM2227 Bells of Mystery
[UBM2227 - 14]
0 2'16 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Mysterious, not too dark. Modern electronics, electric guitar and floating bells. mysteriös, investigativ, Underscore, Spionage-Filme, beunruhigend [...]
UBM2227 Jack Surf
[UBM2227 - 15]
0 1'55 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Sunny track for that holiday feeling. Laid-back, relaxed, youthful. zuversichtlich, Küche & Deko, fröhlich & heiter, Folk-Gitarre, sorglos [...]
UBM2227 Jam it Easy
[UBM2227 - 16]
0 1'55 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Playful electronics and a chilled beat. Positive, warm and ideal for daytime TV. zuversichtlich, sorglos, Underscore, verträumt, Synthetizer [...]
UBM2227 Skyscanner
[UBM2227 - 17]
0 2'05 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Warm electronic sounds. Cheerful and steady. zuversichtlich, Underscore, energisch, Synthetizer, daytime TV [...]
UBM2227 Mellow Muffin
[UBM2227 - 18]
0 2'22 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Mid-tempo groove with hints of dub and electronica. Laid-back. Underscore, fx delay, entspannt, zuversichtlich, E-Gitarre [...]
UBM2227 Piano Ambience
[UBM2227 - 19]
0 2'01 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Neutral underscore for programs on society, nature and modern life. aufsteigend, zuversichtlich, elektronisches Schlagzeug, Synthetizer, Underscore [...]
UBM2227 Ticking Threat
[UBM2227 - 20]
0 1'56 Backes, Daniel, Moslener, Peter Nervous track suggesting time pressure and approaching danger. Spannung, Spionage-Filme, fx Timer, beunruhigend, mysteriös [...]
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