Ténéré - Be My Guest

In Be My Guest, Ténéré allows other artists such as Moka Boka, Sabrina Bellaouel, Penelope Antena, Clara Sergent to shine. Be My Guest is an EP that gathers a constellation of emotions born from meetings and confrontations between personalities. His influences are broad, from electronic (Just Fine, And On) to Hip Hop (A Qui l’Honneur, How I Feel, Be My Guest), or classical through jazz or gospel (Gone Away, Living Waters).

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Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
NOW125 Opening
[NOW125 - 1]
0 2'10 Ténéré Electro chill out. Airy & dreamy but rhythmic. Synth & hip-hop rhythm. Stadtlandschaft, Synthetizer, städtisch, atmosphärisch, Beat Making [...]
NOW125 How I Feel (ft. Clara Sergent)
[NOW125 - 2]
0 4'02 Clara Sergent, Ténéré Electro pop. Relentless, sensual & atmospheric. Female singer, jerky synth & old school [...] Stadtlandschaft, Synthetizer, städtisch, einprägsam, Sängerin [...]
NOW125 A qui L'honneur (ft. Moka Boka)
[NOW125 - 3]
0 2'49 Moka Boka, Ténéré French Rap pop. Lazy, luminous, charming & rhythmic. Rapper, synth & rhythm. Stadtlandschaft, verträumt, Synthetizer, atmosphärisch, Sänger [...]
NOW125 Be My Guest
[NOW125 - 4]
0 2'17 Ténéré Electro trap. Jerky intro. Rumbling, imposing, insidious & jerky. Pitched male voice, synth [...] Beat Making, Stadtlandschaft, Synthetizer, städtisch, Attitüde [...]
NOW125 And On (ft. Penelope Antena)
[NOW125 - 5]
0 3'03 Pénélope Antena, Ténéré Electro neo soul. Dreamlike, sensual & lazy. Female singer, transformed voices & hip-hop [...] zuversichtlich, Future Beat, Synthetizer, Sängerin, energisch [...]
NOW125 Gone Away (ft. Sabrina Bellaouel)
[NOW125 - 6]
0 3'23 Sabrina Bellaouel, Ténéré Neo soul. Feminine, chill, sensual & peaceful. Female singer, synth & rhythm. R' & B' , sinnlich, Synthetizer, atmosphärisch, Sängerin [...]
NOW125 Living Waters (ft. Clara sergent)
[NOW125 - 7]
0 3'39 Clara Sergent, Ténéré Contemporary R'n'B & Neo soul. Introspective introduction. Then driving but flying. Female [...] verträumt, Synthetizer, atmosphärisch, einprägsam, Sängerin [...]
NOW125 Something To Come
[NOW125 - 8]
0 0'32 Ténéré Epilog. Clumsy & dreamy. Sampled child voices, synth & rhythm. zuversichtlich, Synthetizer, atmosphärisch, Beat Making, introspektiv [...]
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