North America - Travel and Nature

Beautiful, ambient guitar tracks for images of untouched nature and quiet country life.

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UBM2246 Mountain Trail
[UBM2246 - 1]
0 2'53 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Acoustic guitars and warm sounding drums for images of nature, authentic country life and [...] Land & Garten, Road Movies, sentimental, Daylife, akustisch [...]
UBM2246 Nevada Pursuit
[UBM2246 - 2]
0 2'56 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Determined, lively and agile folk/ pop track featuring repetitive acoustic guitar, chimes [...] geduldig, zeitgenössischer Western, konstant, Folk-Gitarre, Panorama [...]
UBM2246 Alaska - Sitka
[UBM2246 - 3]
0 1'20 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Shimmering, fragile, mesmerizing. Beautifully icy and warm at the same time. Electric [...] ruhig, träge, verträumt, Quelle, luftig [...]
UBM2246 Roadtrip
[UBM2246 - 4]
0 1'36 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Warm folk instrumental with lapsteel guitar, brushed snare drum and dynamic bass. [...] Land & Garten, konstant, Kamerafahrt, Haustiere, Handwerk [...]
UBM2246 Old Country
[UBM2246 - 5]
0 2'08 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Calm, melodic folk for images of untouched nature, quiet surroundings, solitude and [...] ruhig, träge, friedlich, luftig, zart [...]
UBM2246 LA Nights
[UBM2246 - 6]
0 2'55 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Airy and atmospheric guitar track with subtle percussion and plenty of room for thought. [...] ruhig, E-Gitarre, introspektiv, Daylife, Liebesfilme [...]
UBM2246 Alaska - Tanaina
[UBM2246 - 7]
0 1'36 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Ambient guitar; poignant and introspective. For films and documentaries on nature and [...] abwartend, ruhig, introspektiv, melancholisch, sentimental [...]
UBM2246 Detroit Stomp
[UBM2246 - 8]
0 1'49 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Folky acoustic guitar meets hip hop beats and vinyl scratching samples. Urban, chilled and [...] fx scratch, Folk-Gitarre, Road Movies, Beat Making, zuversichtlich [...]
UBM2246 Waiting for Ann
[UBM2246 - 9]
0 2'22 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Calm electric guitar, sparse electronic beat and a warm bass. Introvert, deep in thought, [...] Arpeggio, konstant, geduldig, E-Gitarre, Folk-Gitarre [...]
UBM2246 Alaska - Yukon
[UBM2246 - 10]
0 1'50 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Echoing lone guitar notes create an atmosphere of loneliness, reflectiveness and quietude. abwartend, Science-Fiction-Filme, atmosphärisch, ruhig, komplex [...]
UBM2246 Secret Garden
[UBM2246 - 11]
0 2'02 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Meditative electric guitar with lots of sustain. Pensive and utterly emotional. ruhig, schlicht, E-Gitarre, verträumt, sentimental [...]
UBM2246 Seattle
[UBM2246 - 12]
0 1'51 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Mid-tempo rock instrumental that knows its bluesy roots. Down to earth, authentic, mellow. [...] Road Movies, E-Gitarre, Folk-Gitarre, sinnlich, Kamerafahrt [...]
UBM2246 Alaska - Fairbanks
[UBM2246 - 13]
0 2'00 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Reverse electric guitar and lone flageolet notes for images of the cold, the uninhabited [...] ruhig, verträumt, Science-Fiction-Filme, zart, Entspannung [...]
UBM2246 Open Range
[UBM2246 - 14]
0 1'30 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Quiet folk/ pop instrumental featuring strummed acoustic guitar and piano. Introspectful, [...] ruhig, introspektiv, melancholisch, akustisch, Land & Garten [...]
UBM2246 Wyoming Horses
[UBM2246 - 15]
0 1'58 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Uplifting country-infused folk tune with tambourine, western guitar and piano. Warm, [...] Land & Garten, konstant, Folk-Gitarre, sorglos, Gartenarbeit [...]
UBM2246 Goldfoil Blues
[UBM2246 - 16]
0 0'51 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Airy blues song with a lot of reverb and space between the notes. Cool, reflective, sparse. ruhig, trostlos, diskontinuierlich, E-Gitarre, einfach [...]
UBM2246 Alaska - Anvik
[UBM2246 - 17]
0 1'17 Lipp, Karsten, Matov, Andre Forgiving, peaceful, ambient guitar piece. ruhig, zart, friedlich, vibrierend, luftig [...]
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