Extreme Sports - Death Metal & Punk Rock

Powerful riffs, pounding drums, epic solos. These metal, punk and hard rock tracks work for action, sports and anything in need of a rough edge. Great exciting Neo-Punk, Indie, Skater sounds. A thrilling mix of classic, well-paced guitar rock tracks.

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Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
UBM2312 Exorbitant
[UBM2312 - 1]
0 2'45 Ponikowski, Werner Starts off like a heavy grunge track than suddenly turns into relentless thrash metal. [...] Alternative Metal, männlich, Extremsport Kampfsport, Actionfilme, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2312 Overcast
[UBM2312 - 2]
0 1'35 Ponikowski, Werner Double bass drum, fast and savage guitar riff, halftime metalcore breakdowns & the raw [...] eindringlich, Verfolgung, Alternative Metal, mitreißend, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2312 Dizzying
[UBM2312 - 3]
0 1'40 Ponikowski, Werner Driving, highspeed heavy metal. aggressiv, Extremsport Kampfsport, Alternative Metal, explosiv, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2312 Repair
[UBM2312 - 4]
0 2'35 Ponikowski, Werner With its opening sample directly from the car repair workshop, its pounding drums and the [...] eindringlich, Motorsport, aggressiv, Alternative Metal, explosiv [...]
UBM2312 High Passion
[UBM2312 - 5]
0 4'43 Ponikowski, Werner Using hints of Middle Eastern Music and Arabic drumming, this unusual mix of world music [...] Alternative Metal, Extremsport Kampfsport, hypnotisch, Aktionsspiele, Verfolgung [...]
UBM2312 Racket
[UBM2312 - 6]
0 1'59 Ponikowski, Werner Mid-tempo hard rock bursting with energy and confidence. Melodic bassline, powerful drums [...] Alternative Metal, Verfolgung, Extremsport Kampfsport, energisch, mitreißend [...]
UBM2312 Drag Race
[UBM2312 - 7]
0 3'16 Ponikowski, Werner Fast track hard rock/ metal instrumental with a high testosterone level. Forceful drums, [...] Motorsport, Alternative Metal, Verfolgung, kraftvoll & imposant, Extremsport Kampfsport [...]
UBM2312 Craving
[UBM2312 - 8]
0 2'31 Ponikowski, Werner Make no mistakes: the track may start out a bit more peacable with its guitar effects and [...] Alternative Metal, kraftvoll & imposant, Actionfilme, mitreißend, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2312 Need for Power
[UBM2312 - 9]
0 2'03 Ponikowski, Werner Methodic rock track that features a repetitive guitar lick, fragmented drumming and some [...] Extremsport Kampfsport, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, Outdoor, Schlagzeug, energisch [...]
UBM2312 Adrenaline
[UBM2312 - 10]
0 3'53 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Up-tempo, driving, neo-punk song exciting and flowing. energisch, Street Sports, Pop-Punk, Extremsport Kampfsport, zuversichtlich [...]
UBM2312 Sunrise
[UBM2312 - 11]
0 3'28 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Good flowing skater sound, full of energy. energisch, Pop-Punk, Street Sports, einprägsam, zuversichtlich [...]
UBM2312 Kickdown
[UBM2312 - 12]
0 4'31 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Fast and spacious, uplifting, positive indie track. Gleitsport, energisch, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, Outdoor, Extremsport Kampfsport [...]
UBM2312 Shuffle
[UBM2312 - 13]
0 2'39 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Great old school punk in the style of The Clash. With great melodious breaks. Street Sports, mitreißend, Pop-Punk, einprägsam, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2312 Ride
[UBM2312 - 14]
0 2'57 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian A great spacious rock song with light gothic overtones. begeisternd, energisch, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, Outdoor, Extremsport Kampfsport [...]
UBM2312 Halfpipe
[UBM2312 - 15]
0 2'47 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Steady paced, rocking , driving, neo punk composition. Extremsport Kampfsport, energisch, Outdoor, Motorsport, schwungvoll [...]
UBM2312 Dirtbike
[UBM2312 - 16]
0 3'26 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Deep, heavy, well paced, gothic-punk track. energisch, Extremsport Kampfsport, einprägsam, mitreißend, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2312 Motorcycle
[UBM2312 - 17]
0 3'45 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Heavy, good paced, melodious, gothic indie. Motorsport, männlich, Brit Pop, Extremsport Kampfsport, energisch [...]
UBM2312 Fast Thrust
[UBM2312 - 18]
0 3'36 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian Great, exciting, fast paced, underground indie sound. Street Sports, mitreißend, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, Brit Pop, Extremsport Kampfsport [...]
UBM2312 Project Zero
[UBM2312 - 19]
0 3'37 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian A heavy, deep, flowing, atmospheric, neo-gothic rock track. energisch, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, Verfolgung, Schlagzeug, Actionfilme [...]
UBM2312 Drop Zone
[UBM2312 - 20]
0 3'49 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian A bass led, heavy, strong paced, indie sound with light gothic overtones. eindringlich, Extremsport Kampfsport, energisch, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, Motorsport [...]
UBM2312 Radio
[UBM2312 - 21]
0 3'13 Stasser, Andi, Van Dam, Damian A stomping, easy flowing indierock anthem. Street Sports, energisch, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, Pop-Rock, Jugendserien [...]
UBM2312 Power Circuit
[UBM2312 - 22]
0 4'34 Patterer, Wilbert New metal smasher that combines harsh electronics with uncompromising metal riffing. Packed [...] Motorsport, energisch, Verfolgung, Extremsport Kampfsport, Elektro rock [...]
UBM2312 Addiction
[UBM2312 - 23]
0 1'47 Gold, Ryan, Sonic, Sid Rowdy rock that grooves and roars. Great for sports, bar fights and fun action. Verfolgung, einprägsam, Actionfilme, cinematic rock, Spionage-Filme [...]
UBM2312 Big Foot
[UBM2312 - 24]
0 2'22 Ottl, Oswin Opens with drum break and ferocious guitar riff. Hard rock with a metal edge that sounds [...] Alternative Metal, Extremsport Kampfsport, Actionfilme, E-Gitarre Verzerrer, schwer [...]
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