Alter Real - Space Romance

Result of the producer’s will to go further into the mix of analogic and synthetic, Space Romance is an EP that quickly takes our minds away thanks to all the work done on the harmonies by Alter Real. However, it’s only by getting pulled off our environment that we can dive in the EP complexity. It’s there that the minutie of Alter Real unveils his talent of producer and the secrets of a story filled with emotions that we just want to share.

Weitere Alben

Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
NOW095 Everytime feat. Safe Travel and Hęęm [...]
[NOW095 - 1]
0 2'31 Alter Real Future beat. Arty, dreamy & airy. Male singer, rapper, synth & rhythm. verträumt, luftig, arty, Sänger, Future Beat [...]
NOW095 Getaway Feat Praa
[NOW095 - 2]
0 2'58 Alter Real Electro pop. Feminine, catchy & driving. Female singer, synth & rhythm. einprägsam, Sängerin, arty, energisch, Elektropop [...]
NOW095 High Life
[NOW095 - 3]
0 3'23 Alter Real Electro pop / electronica. Soft, sensual & futuristic. Autotuned male singer, synth & rhythm. Sänger, verträumt, arty, einprägsam, Elektropop [...]
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