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Clément Bazin - Everything Matters (NOW064)

With Everything Matters, his debut album, Clément Bazin realizes one of his sweet dreams: to rethink electronic music and integrate the instrument from which he can’t be dissociate anymore, the steeldrum. Through this achievement, he sets bridges between his favorite music genders: calypso, soca, hip-hop or UK post-dubstep from the 2000’s; a synthesis of Machel Montano, J. Dilla, D’Angelo and James Blake. Between syncopated rhythmic, voice distortions and heady beats, Clément Bazin draws an electronic music made of tropical textures and subtle soul music excursions, built around a steeldrum that fully bloom in this clever mix between organic and analogic and that, as a symbol, take the stage front and the first part of the act just before the end.

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