The Art Of Design - Sophisticated Grooves and Underscores

This album is different: artful, organic, inspiring, minimal and strange. Exceptionally valuable!

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Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
UBM2326 Density
[UBM2326 - 1]
0 4'24 Mate, David Mellow, warm, friendly, open, mid-tempo, ethnic. energisch, Geopolitik, zuversichtlich, zyklisch, Elektro-Beat [...]
UBM2326 Genius
[UBM2326 - 2]
0 3'20 Laemmert, Tobias Confident, yet dizzy. Doing your own thing. Sampled, groovy guitar. rigoros, arty, fragend, Wissenschaften, hypnotisch [...]
UBM2326 London Underground
[UBM2326 - 3]
0 4'25 Rodt, Leon Sick, different and broken. Artistic. Stadtlandschaft, rigoros, Electronica, investigativ, eindringlich [...]
UBM2326 Disperse
[UBM2326 - 4]
0 3'34 Laemmert, Tobias Sliced background, funky sound. Vocal samples and sharp beat. arty, Outtake, Elektro-Beat, rigoros, ruckartig [...]
UBM2326 Hoffmanns Trip
[UBM2326 - 5]
0 2'45 Kaschen, Peer, Von Lingen, Tim Mysterious Hip Hop track from a different dimension. Stadtlandschaft, städtisch, investigativ, mysteriös, nächtlich [...]
UBM2326 Meditari
[UBM2326 - 6]
0 4'16 Laemmert, Tobias Mr. Strange goes for a walk. Electronic beat with tasteful licks. hypnotisch, investigativ, zyklisch, Spionage-Filme, beunruhigend [...]
UBM2326 Earth to Scale
[UBM2326 - 7]
0 3'06 Mate, David Laid-back, mellow, floating, breezy. nächtlich, Stadtlandschaft, städtisch, Jungle (Stil), eindringlich [...]
UBM2326 Infaltilis
[UBM2326 - 8]
0 4'05 Laemmert, Tobias Imagination unleashed. Sound design meets groove. rigoros, zuversichtlich, E-Gitarre, ruckartig, Wissenschaften [...]
UBM2326 Vertical
[UBM2326 - 9]
0 3'41 Mate, David Calm, jazzy, late night, fascinating, floating. nächtlich, abwartend, ziellos, Kamerafahrt, E-Gitarre [...]
UBM2326 Dr Coopers Theory
[UBM2326 - 10]
0 2'09 Kaschen, Peer, Von Lingen, Tim Perfect Hip Hop track with slow beat. Your head will swing. Just cool. Beat Making, Stadtlandschaft, städtisch, Attitüde, schwungvoll [...]
UBM2326 Maestus
[UBM2326 - 11]
0 3'06 Raseta, Janko Groovy song scores a sunny spring day. Let the bass take you away. fragend, E-Gitarre, geduldig, Stadtlandschaft, schaukelnd [...]
UBM2326 Farnsworths Future
[UBM2326 - 12]
0 2'20 Kaschen, Peer, Von Lingen, Tim Original Hip Hop track with organ melody, piano and brass. Beat Making, energisch, groovy, Stadtlandschaft, hüpfend [...]
UBM2326 Audax
[UBM2326 - 13]
0 3'01 Laemmert, Tobias Strong personality, soft heart. Acoustic guitar, processed samples and a bit of craziness. sozialkritisch, ziellos, Folk-Gitarre, arty, trostlos [...]
UBM2326 Lycoperdon
[UBM2326 - 14]
0 2'00 Hornek, Michael The artist walks the streets looking for inspiration in the city. energisch, Wetterdienst, Synthetizer, arty, zuversichtlich [...]
UBM2326 Design
[UBM2326 - 15]
0 3'05 Hornek, Michael With a Jazz ambient atmosphere, this track can accompany you on a nightly walk through the [...] nächtlich, Stadtlandschaft, konstant, Elektro-Beat, investigativ [...]
UBM2326 Circensis
[UBM2326 - 16]
0 4'06 Laemmert, Tobias Jazzy with hints of ambient. Mysterious, spacy world with keys, trumpet and more. nächtlich, Spannung, Acid Jazz, jazzy, eindringlich [...]
UBM2326 Socors
[UBM2326 - 17]
0 1'05 Laemmert, Tobias Reduced instrumentation with many elements, but nothing you would expect. konstant, fragend, amüsant, rigoros, E-Gitarre [...]
UBM2326 Colluvies
[UBM2326 - 18]
0 3'19 Laemmert, Tobias Lyric, singing line submerged in a space of synths. abwartend, mysteriös, Wissenschaften, außer der Reihe, fragend [...]
UBM2326 Figmentum
[UBM2326 - 19]
0 3'04 Laemmert, Tobias Suspenseful chords, wide space. What’s that sound? atmosphärisch, E-Gitarre, fragend, Wissenschaften, investigativ [...]
UBM2326 Ita East
[UBM2326 - 20]
0 2'59 Laemmert, Tobias Slide! Is it jazz? Is it... Geopolitik, rigoros, Kino, Akustische Slide-Gitarre, eindringlich [...]
UBM2326 Polyporus
[UBM2326 - 21]
0 4'10 Hornek, Michael Artfully mixing watercolours with minimal vocals. Electronica, gesampelte Frauenstimme, einprägsam, IDM, hell [...]
UBM2326 Oriental Night
[UBM2326 - 22]
0 2'31 Hornek, Michael An exotic mid tempo track to convey the cultural diversity of a major city. städtisch, Elektro-Beat, nächtlich, Stadtlandschaft, Synthetizer [...]
UBM2326 Graffiti
[UBM2326 - 23]
0 3'44 Hornek, Michael An uptempo driven artistic track influenced by urban graffiti filled streets. städtisch, energisch, schwungvoll, nächtlich, Stadtlandschaft [...]
UBM2326 Devise
[UBM2326 - 24]
0 2'01 Mate, David Fast strings evolve into a Dubstep construct. energisch, Wissenschaften, Dubstep, begeisternd, investigativ [...]
UBM2326 City Walk
[UBM2326 - 25]
0 2'42 Hornek, Michael An ambient impulsive track with industrial elements that is remeniscent of The Chemical [...] rhythmisch, eindringlich, Extremsport Kampfsport, Synthetizer, schwungvoll [...]
UBM2326 Traffic
[UBM2326 - 26]
0 2'40 Hornek, Michael Fast uptempo ambient drum and bass for motorways and highways running through the metropole. Jungle (Stil), eindringlich, Stadtlandschaft, Verfolgung, eindringlich [...]
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