High-energy tracks for white-knuckle situations. Perfect for action, crime, drama and tension, these tracks combine a tense atmosphere with big cinematic sound.

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Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
UBM2229 Martial Walk
[UBM2229 - 1]
0 1'57 Hering, Bernhard Determined, resolute, steadily marching on. Like fast moving traffic. Spionage-Filme, Actionfilme, beunruhigend, Spannung, unerbittlich [...]
UBM2229 Evil Power
[UBM2229 - 2]
0 2'21 Hering, Bernhard Dangerous and very serious. Drums, electronics and strings create an atmosphere of threat. Actionfilme, unerbittlich, aggressiv, Horrorfilme, Spionage-Filme [...]
UBM2229 Dark Force
[UBM2229 - 3]
0 2'08 Hering, Bernhard Menacing drums, eerie strings and an overall gloomy vibe that would make anyone frown. [...] Spionage-Filme, unerbittlich, Actionfilme, beunruhigend, schlagend [...]
UBM2229 Undercover Chase
[UBM2229 - 4]
0 2'12 Hering, Bernhard Fast-paced, restless, nervous. Aggressive electronics and increasingly determined beats. Actionfilme, schlagend, Horrorfilme, Spionage-Filme, beunruhigend [...]
UBM2229 High Energy Chase
[UBM2229 - 5]
0 2'09 Hering, Bernhard Powerful, intrusive, fierce. Heavy drums, accentuated strings and electronic bits. Perfect [...] schlagend, aggressiv, Actionfilme, beunruhigend, plötzlich [...]
UBM2229 Big Rivals
[UBM2229 - 6]
0 2'30 Hering, Bernhard Showdown! Forceful and relentless track for images of nerve-racking action. plötzlich, Actionfilme, kriegerisch, beunruhigend, schlagend [...]
UBM2229 Opposing Predominance
[UBM2229 - 7]
0 1'19 Hering, Bernhard Tense musical theme for the big screen. Perfect for spy movies, tension and trailers. Spionage-Filme, Actionfilme, unerbittlich, beunruhigend, schlagend [...]
UBM2229 Bad Guys
[UBM2229 - 8]
0 3'02 Hering, Bernhard Mean, subtle, unsteady. Spionage-Filme, Actionfilme, beunruhigend, aggressiv, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
UBM2229 Pitiless Follow
[UBM2229 - 9]
0 2'14 Hering, Bernhard Alarming mood - tension building up for the grand finale. Actionfilme, beunruhigend, unerbittlich, Filmmusik, Cinematic Orchester [...]
UBM2229 Undercover Search
[UBM2229 - 10]
0 1'54 Hering, Bernhard Dark underscore for crime and investigation. Spionage-Filme, Underscore, konstant, beunruhigend, investigativ [...]
UBM2229 Historic Endgame
[UBM2229 - 11]
0 1'25 Hering, Bernhard Epic, tense, very dynamic. Determined strings and forceful drums. Actionfilme, unerbittlich, beunruhigend, chaotisch, metrisch [...]
UBM2229 Nervous Timeflow
[UBM2229 - 12]
0 2'15 Hering, Bernhard Hectic, fast, accentuated. For images of stress, high energy and quick action. Actionfilme, unerbittlich, beunruhigend, Spannung, chaotisch [...]
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