Samba De La Muerte - Landmark

The opening of Landmark sounds like a strong assertion with the committed track “They Still Have Their Guns”, bringing to light Philippe Boudot’s drums. The following track, “Backbone”, is an afro-jazz anthem, in which Martin Daguerre’s saxophone sings pure melodies. Presenting an all star cast, the EP gradually creates a joyful chemistry between electronic and hybrid sonorities that will stick with us. We gladly dive into the solar “Lockdown Groove”, coming as an opening for the culmination of this opus: “Mit Manade”. This afro-futuristic bomb made with Kenyan singer Blinky Bill takes us on a trans guiding us to the last and eponymous track, “Landmark”. Last, the Dub edit of “Enough Is Enough” by Parisian Dj and producer Hugo LX brings an endearing and original touch to the EP.

Weitere Alben

Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
NOW118 They Still Have Their Guns
[NOW118 - 1]
0 3'48 Samba De La Muerte Afrobeat-electro, pop-rock. Atmospheric, lively & solar. Then intimate @ 2'12. Uplifting @ [...] Sänger, schwungvoll, Band, Outdoor, Pop-Song [...]
NOW118 Backbone (feat Martin Daguerre)
[NOW118 - 2]
0 4'06 Martin Daguerre, Samba De La Muerte Pop-rock & afrobeat. Suspended, jazzy & introspective. Electric bass, sax & drum. verträumt, Band, nächtlich, Stadtlandschaft, elektronisches Schlagzeug [...]
NOW118 Enough Is Enough
[NOW118 - 3]
0 4'10 Samba De La Muerte Electro-pop. lively introduction then driving & cyclic. Sentimental break @ 2'16. Male [...] E-Bass, Sänger, energisch, Elektropop, schwungvoll [...]
NOW118 Lockdown groove (feat The Urville Choir)
[NOW118 - 4]
0 5'01 Samba De La Muerte, The Urville Choir Neo afrobeat. Hypnotic introduction. Groovy, danceable & constant. Atmospheric break & [...] Sänger, energisch, schwungvoll, elektronische Orgel, Afrobeat [...]
NOW118 Jam 777
[NOW118 - 5]
0 1'00 Samba De La Muerte African rock. Constant, cyclic & light. Kora & drum. konstant, exotisch, hypnotisch, einprägsam, zyklisch [...]
NOW118 Mit Manade (feat Blinky Bill)
[NOW118 - 6]
0 3'58 Blinky Bill, Samba De La Muerte Electro-rock. Relentless, insisting & fast. Male singer, electric bass, electronic key, [...] einprägsam, schwungvoll, eindringlich, rhythmisch, Rhythmusgruppe [...]
NOW118 Enough Is Enough (Hugo LX Remix)
[NOW118 - 7]
0 5'56 Hugo LX, Samba De La Muerte House-afrobeat. Groovy, constant, atmospheric & funky. Electric guitar, electric bass, [...] Clubbing, beschwingt, energisch, elektronisches Schlagzeug, rhythmisch [...]
NOW118 Landmark
[NOW118 - 8]
0 5'36 Samba De La Muerte Electronica, minimal. Suspended, mysterious & exotic. Synth, kalimba & rhythm. Synthetizer, atmosphärisch, mysteriös, nächtlich, elektronisches Schlagzeug [...]
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