La Fine Equipe - Cycles

This EP is a cycle that condenses the anticipatory questions of Gaël Faye, Madjo, Orifice Vulgatron, and Penelope Antena. Productions are varnished by electronics, whose hip hop base has mutated with the effect of experimentation and eclecticism. The up-tempo beats and keyboard modulations warn the fatal countdown, the countdown that brings people together towards the red zone where the U-turn will no longer be possible.

Weitere Alben

Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
NOW128 Don't Panik
[NOW128 - 1]
0 3'46 La Fine Equipe Hip-hop electro. EP introduction. Powerful, attitude & confident. Male singer, sampled [...] Frauenchor, Elektro-Beat, Stadtlandschaft, elektronisches Schlagzeug, Rhythmusgruppe [...]
NOW128 Pemmican Ft. Gaël Faye
[NOW128 - 2]
0 3'33 La Fine Equipe Solar introduction then percussive & hip-hop drop. Relentless, heavy & exotic. Rapper, [...] Sänger, schwer, elektronisches Schlagzeug, Rhythmusgruppe, Synthetizer [...]
NOW128 E.V.A Ft. Madjo
[NOW128 - 3]
0 3'57 La Fine Equipe Electro-pop. Driving, heavy & lively. Female singer, synth & rhythm. elektronisches Schlagzeug, Synthetizer, Rhythmusgruppe, Sänger, Sängerin [...]
NOW128 Cycles Ft. Orifice Vulgatron
[NOW128 - 4]
0 3'25 La Fine Equipe Electro house. Danceable, rhythmic & heavy. Male singer @ 1'08. Sampled voices, synth & [...] schwungvoll, elektronisches Schlagzeug, Synthetizer, Sänger, Clubbing [...]
NOW128 On Point
[NOW128 - 5]
0 3'47 La Fine Equipe, Pénélope Antena Alternative electro. Dreamy, hypnotic & sensual. Female singer, synth & rhythm. arty, Sängerin, verträumt, Elektropop, weiblich [...]
NOW128 Happy End
[NOW128 - 6]
0 0'00 La Fine Equipe Electro-pop. Epilog. Lively, joyful & festive. Yet Melancholic. Voices, electronic key, [...] zuversichtlich, energisch, Elektropop, schwungvoll, elektronisches Schlagzeug [...]
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