Halloween Themes

A spooky and scary trip down Spookesville via a light-hearted, comedic route. Fun, suspense, magic, ghosts and Halloween vibes all round.

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Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
TBX013 Night of the Ghouls
[TBX013 - 1]
0 2'29 Wright, Jamie Spooky Haloween orchestral track with dramatic yet playful nature. Piano, theremin, [...] feenhaft, Krimikomödie, Halloween, Zirkusmusik, schaukelnd [...]
TBX013 Spooks
[TBX013 - 2]
0 2'39 O'Brien, Conor Mysterious and child-like wondous intro builds in to more frantic orchestra, spooky [...] Krimikomödie, Halloween, Zirkusmusik, schaukelnd, feenhaft [...]
TBX013 Trick or Treat
[TBX013 - 3]
0 2'00 Revell, Mark Peter Mischievous and mysterious intro breaks in to hip hop halloween spook. Swagger with fun. Krimikomödie, Halloween, Zirkusmusik, komisch, cinematic beat [...]
TBX013 Grotesque Exhibits Museum
[TBX013 - 4]
0 1'34 Kolosov, Sergey Romantic and slow old russian-like tango, with added spooky SFX, theremin and scary [...] Krimikomödie, Halloween, Zirkusmusik, E-Piano, tragikomisch [...]
TBX013 Creepy Crawlies
[TBX013 - 5]
0 1'23 Kolosov, Sergey Spooky and mysterious pizzicato string melodies connoting creeping and crawling scary [...] Krimikomödie, Zirkusmusik, Pizzicato, komisch, Halloween [...]
TBX013 Sanitarium for the Mad
[TBX013 - 6]
0 1'08 Kolosov, Sergey Drooping and wailing theremin with sad, romantic acordion and cascading chromatic scales. [...] Halloween, Zirkusmusik, Dramedy, Krimikomödie, tragikomisch [...]
TBX013 Dark Magic
[TBX013 - 7]
0 2'37 Thorne, Paul Tense yet comedic mallets with pizzicato strings and dramedy feel. Spooky halloween track [...] Krimikomödie, Halloween, Zirkusmusik, feenhaft, ironisch & schelmisch [...]
TBX013 Sneaky Ghost
[TBX013 - 8]
0 1'27 Finch, Matthew Mysterious, serious yet comedic. Piano strings and Halloween spooky vibes. Krimikomödie, Zirkusmusik, Halloween, ironisch & schelmisch, akustisches Klavier [...]
TBX013 Black Mass
[TBX013 - 9]
0 1'51 Revell, Mark Peter Spooky and scary sfx with dark organ chords, hits, chromatic choir, piano hits, bells and [...] Krimikomödie, Halloween, Zirkusmusik, beunruhigend, Zauberer & Seiltänzer [...]
TBX013 On Tip Toes
[TBX013 - 10]
0 1'54 Revell, Mark Peter Incidental, mischievous dramedy halloween-like motifs on flute, pizzicato strings and [...] Krimikomödie, Zirkusmusik, Halloween, Pizzicato, ruckartig [...]
TBX013 They Are Here
[TBX013 - 11]
0 1'55 Kolosov, Sergey Tense yet comedic guitar lines with supported pizzicato strings in spooky, Halloween [...] Krimikomödie, Zirkusmusik, Halloween, schaukelnd, Pizzicato [...]
TBX013 Spooky Church
[TBX013 - 12]
0 2'17 Barnes, Hamish Deranged organ, spooky halloween laughs, seigh bells, church bells and general quirk. Krimikomödie, Halloween, Zirkusmusik, betont, ironisch & schelmisch [...]
TBX013 Things Under The Stairs
[TBX013 - 13]
0 1'34 Kolosov, Sergey Bell composition with deranged, spooky yet magical bell motifs. Halloween, magic, [...] Zirkusmusik, Krimikomödie, konstant, fantastisches Kino, mysteriös [...]
TBX013 Trinity
[TBX013 - 14]
0 2'47 Mcconnell, Alexander Joseph Irvine Magical, wondrous and fantastical bell and mallet arrangement. Kicks in with light hip hop [...] Zirkusmusik, Krimikomödie, konstant, fantastisches Kino, mysteriös [...]
TBX013 Awakening
[TBX013 - 15]
0 1'15 Mcconnell, Alexander Joseph Irvine Thoughtful and reflective piano motif with choral backing. Drum beat and pensieve overall [...] Zirkusmusik, zyklisch, akustisches Klavier, Arpeggio, Tempowechsel [...]
TBX013 Ghost Town
[TBX013 - 16]
0 1'17 Barnes, Hamish Cold and glacial bell underscore. Relaxed yet tense bed. Spooky, Halloween-like [...] Halloween, Zirkusmusik, trostlos, B-Movie, Ufo [...]
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