Dos Beymeleh - Jewish Piano Pieces

Traditional Jewish, melancholic melodies played on piano.

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Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
UBM2273 Gezang Ensemble
[UBM2273 - 1]
0 2'35 Bernbach, David, Traditional Thoughtful, at times playful, melancholic piano melody, suitable for images of flashbacks [...] Jiddish, pastoral, akustisches Klavier, charmant, Israel [...]
UBM2273 Yevorekhekho
[UBM2273 - 2]
0 1'46 Bernbach, David, Traditional Slowly developing melody, dramatic increase, solemnly sustained melody, suitable for images [...] Jiddish, akustisches Klavier, Israel, rigoros, einfach [...]
UBM2273 Rozhinkes Un
[UBM2273 - 3]
0 1'05 Bernbach, David, Traditional Dreamy, mincing, swaying valse melody, piano, suitable for little surprises on a stroll [...] akustisches Klavier, raffiniert, pastoral, geduldig, einfach [...]
UBM2273 Shabbes
[UBM2273 - 4]
0 0'52 Bernbach, David, Traditional Gentle piano track. Suitable for joyful, solemn images of preparing and celebrating feast [...] pastoral, akustisches Klavier, Land & Garten, geduldig, raffiniert [...]
UBM2273 Fun Di
[UBM2273 - 5]
0 1'09 Bernbach, David, Traditional Tender and light beginning, develops into a bittersweet melody, growing faster and lively, [...] geduldig, akustisches Klavier, raffiniert, einfach, Daylife [...]
UBM2273 Dos Mihlkhl
[UBM2273 - 6]
0 1'46 Bernbach, David, Traditional Traditional hebrew tune, alternating thoughtful, solemn parts with lively, playful parts. [...] akustisches Klavier, Tempowechsel, introspektiv, akustisch, Judaismus [...]
UBM2273 Dos Pastukhl
[UBM2273 - 7]
0 1'09 Bernbach, David, Traditional Mincing movement, piano tune at first prudent, afterwards develops freely and without [...] pastoral, akustisches Klavier, schaukelnd, Land & Garten, zuversichtlich [...]
UBM2273 Schlof Lid
[UBM2273 - 8]
0 1'38 Bernbach, David, Traditional Slow, gentle piano tune, prudent, sleeping song, darkly sustained tune. Suitable for family [...] melancholisch, akustisches Klavier, sozialkritisch, introspektiv, traurig [...]
UBM2273 Gottenyu Bevays
[UBM2273 - 9]
0 1'00 Bernbach, David, Traditional Vivid, jigging entry and closure, gentle middle part, piano track. Suitable for images of [...] akustisches Klavier, Tempowechsel, Stummfilme, tragikomisch, akustisch [...]
UBM2273 Di Katerinkeh
[UBM2273 - 10]
0 0'43 Bernbach, David, Traditional Little girls tune. Piano track reminiscent of a girl playing alone, lost in thoughts, at [...] akustisches Klavier, raffiniert, geduldig, einfach, Daylife [...]
UBM2273 Eliezer Kinderlid
[UBM2273 - 11]
0 1'29 Bernbach, David, Traditional Children's song, playful at the same time melancholic piano tune. charmant, stilvoll, melodisch, akustisches Klavier, akustisch [...]
UBM2273 Yester Horeh
[UBM2273 - 12]
0 1'10 Bernbach, David, Traditional Buoyant piano track expressing melancholy mourning as well as elated cheerfulness. Suitable [...] geduldig, akustisches Klavier, melodisch, raffiniert, einfach [...]
UBM2273 Yiddischer Vanderer
[UBM2273 - 13]
0 1'22 Bernbach, David, Traditional Slow, dramatic piano track, suitable for images of migrating animals, wild landscapes, [...] akustisches Klavier, raffiniert, melodisch, pastoral, geduldig [...]
UBM2273 Dos Beymeleh
[UBM2273 - 14]
0 1'13 Bernbach, David, Traditional Clear, decisive fading into a swaying piano tune, suitable for images of someone sitting at [...] akustisches Klavier, Land & Garten, melodisch, akustisch, stilvoll [...]
UBM2273 Der Roytseyakh
[UBM2273 - 15]
0 1'27 Bernbach, David, Traditional At first prudent, then confident, determined piano tune with variations, suitable for [...] akustisches Klavier, geduldig, Judaismus, melancholisch, melodisch [...]
UBM2273 Shulamith
[UBM2273 - 16]
0 1'17 Bernbach, David, Traditional Forceful, quick and fluent start, thoughtful piano tune leading into a world beyond and [...] akustisches Klavier, melodisch, akustisch, introspektiv, Judaismus [...]
UBM2273 Dos Nayeh Rusland
[UBM2273 - 17]
0 1'12 Bernbach, David, Traditional This track creates a nostalgic, yet hopeful atmosphere. Slow reprisal in the middle, [...] akustisches Klavier, raffiniert, pastoral, geduldig, einfach [...]
UBM2273 A Kaddish
[UBM2273 - 18]
0 2'09 Bernbach, David, Traditional Traditional jewish lament, sad, slow piano tune, suitable for images of mourning and loss. akustisches Klavier, melancholisch, melodisch, Daylife, akustisch [...]
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