Multi instrumentalist Romain Magnan has been active in music for over 20 years, recording, composing and arranging music for his own projects as well as for others. Based in Paris, he's soaked up a diverse range of influences, both in sound and style, from sophisticated rock to modern electronics. This duality stems directly from his experiences DJing at 90's raves as well as playing guitar and singing in a metal band... often culminating in a dynamic blend of both ends of the spectrum.

He worked with SebastiAn in the early years of Ed Banger and went on to produce albums for major label artists Jeremy Hills, Cosmo Brown and Aylin Prandi, as well as producing many indie artists’s releases. His personal work, under the pseudonym 'Rosenwald', reflects a more electronic side with a selective spectrum of micro-samples, soundscapes, heavy rhythms and melodic grooves. He has an album in preparation for the end of 2021, and he's currently providing sound design work for music agency / label Cezame.

Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
CEZ4445 Power On
[CEZ4445 - 1]
1 1'58 Magnan, Romain Electro beat. Percussive, industrial & masculine. Federative. Recommended for team sports, [...] exzentrisch, eindringlich, schlagend, zeitgenössiche Kunst, Schallwort, Künste [...]
CEZ4445 Power On (alternate)
[CEZ4445 - 21]
0 3'40 Magnan, Romain Alternate. Electro beat. Percussive, industrial & masculine. Federative. Recommended for [...] exzentrisch, eindringlich, zeitgenössiche Kunst, mechanisch, Schallwort, schlagend [...]
CEZ4445 Ghost in the Machine
[CEZ4445 - 5]
0 1'58 Magnan, Romain Electro beat. Mysterious, tense & dark. Cyclic. Suggested for industry & danger. Piano, [...] städtisch, schwer, Attitüde, Beat Making, zyklisch, Sportdrama [...]
CEZ4445 Iron and Steel
[CEZ4445 - 16]
0 1'48 Magnan, Romain Electro beat. Determined, harsh & industrial. Recommended for sports & industry. Rock band [...] schlagend, energisch, Brit Pop, Extremsport Kampfsport, Motorsport, E-Gitarre Verzerrer [...]
CEZ4411 Frantic
[CEZ4411 - 1]
0 1'40 Magnan, Romain Indie rock / clapping rock. Catchy, nervous & lively. Recommended for ads, sports & daytime [...] Indie-Rock alternativer Rock, daytime TV, 2000, energisch, fröhlich & heiter, Band [...]
CEZ4388 Hidden Temple Remastered
[CEZ4388 - 5]
1 2'38 Magnan, Romain Tribal, urban & insidious. Synth & rhythm. elektronisches Schlagzeug, wild, Extremsport Kampfsport, aktuell, eindringlich, schlagend [...]
CEZ4388 Hidden Temple Remastered Alternate
[CEZ4388 - 32]
0 1'50 Magnan, Romain Tribal, urban & insidious. Synth & rhythm. elektronisches Schlagzeug, wild, Extremsport Kampfsport, aktuell, Abenteuerspiele, eindringlich [...]
CEZ4324 Waterobics
[CEZ4324 - 13]
0 1'59 Magnan, Romain Upbeat electro. Rigorous but dreamy & mechanical. Synth & rhythm. aktuell, zuversichtlich, mechanisch, Mode, konstant, zyklisch [...]
CEZ4324 Inhale Exhale
[CEZ4324 - 15]
0 3'23 Magnan, Romain Upbeat electro / French touch. Groovy, nervous & arty. Sample, electric guitar, strings & [...] French Touch, einprägsam, People, aktuell, Clubbing, Mode [...]
CEZ4295 Stay Strong
[CEZ4295 - 15]
0 3'01 Magnan, Romain, Yazbek, Anael Electro French touch. Proud, percussive & intense. Synth & rhythm. French Touch, 2000, investigativ, Actionfilme, eindringlich, Stadtlandschaft [...]
CEZ4275 Hidden Temple
[CEZ4275 - 6]
0 1'53 Magnan, Romain Electro beat. Percussive, dynamic & constant. Synth & rhythm. Electro World, schlagend, Safari, wild, Abenteuerkino, konstant [...]
CEZ4272 Use the Rage
[CEZ4272 - 23]
0 2'43 Magnan, Romain Electro rock. Nervous, percussive & driving. Electric guitar, synth & rhythm. Extremsport Kampfsport, trash, Elektro rock, Aktionsspiele, kraftvoll & imposant, aggressiv [...]
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