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Stan Laferrière

Born on the 7th May 1962 in Paris, Stan was exposed to the Musical world at an early age,with a father a professional musician, and mother a "meloman" music lover...
He commenced piano lessons at the early age of 4, entering the"Conservatoire" at the age of 7 where he pursued classical studies at the CNR-Paris receiving its award in 1980 and passing his Musical Baccalaureat the same year. At the same time, he received private tuition from the concert pianist Pierre Baubet-Gony, with whom, at the age of 12, he played the Vivaldi Concerto for 2 pianos in a musical recital at the Pleyel Room (Paris).

Concurrently whilst studying purely classical music, Stan also studied jazz piano, and in 1982, he formed a "septet" (seven piece) and made his first recording as a leader. Since that time, Stan has been fortunate in performing, recording and writing scores for musicians of various background such as : Tonny Scott, Turk Mauro, Benny Carter, Slim Gaillard, Monty Alexander, Sam Woodyard, Rene Urtreger, Eric Lelann, Guy Lafitte, Claude Bolling, Phil Woods, Lew Tabackin, Clark Terry, Johny Griffin, La Velle, Michel Legrand, Christian Escoude, Babik Reinhardt, Wynton Marsalis, Emanuel Bex, Aldo Romano, etc...

In 1982, he created his "tentet" (ten piece) with whom he recorded 3 CDs and performed on the most prestigious French and international stages - Nice, Vienne, Beirut, etc...Since October 2005, he has conducted the Great Jazz Airforce orchestra in Paris.

He has participated in more than 100 recordings / CDs, and has received 7 awards from the Jazz Academy and once by the "Django d'Or".

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