Olivier Militon is a composer and sound Designer, with a Master’s degree in Composing for Film & TV. A musician with a long-standing love of film, Olivier has always adopted a very visual approach to music. He composed the soundtracks of a number of shorts and documentaries and his work received many international prizes, such as the European Talent Award in Cologne in 2011, the Jerry Goldsmith Award in 2013 in Cordoba and an award for best music at the Paul Simon Festival in 2015. He was chosen to be part of Berlinale Talents, Emergence and Next Step Cannes Semaine de la critique Festival programmes in 2015. Olivier has a distinctive, clean-cut, original style, at the intersection of a number of very different musical genres, with strong, visual references at its heart.

Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
CEO2118 A Media Voz
[CEO2118 - 1]
0 01'57 Militon, Olivier Tender & melancholic in a Latin spirit. Small ensemble with Spanish guitar, Latin percussion @ saxophone. exotisch, klassische Gitarre, afro-kubanisch, träge, melancholisch [...]
CEO2118 The Echo of the Words
[CEO2118 - 5]
0 01'37 Militon, Olivier Narrative, tender, intimate & sparse. Classical guitar with delay fx. schlicht, klassische Gitarre, fx delay, introspektiv, melancholisch [...]
CEO2118 A Media Voz Habanera
[CEO2118 - 3]
0 01'41 Militon, Olivier Nostalgic, delicate & elegant in Latin spirit. Solo piano. akustisches Klavier, Piano Bar, Kuba, altmodisch, Habanera [...]
CEO2118 So Far from Cuba
[CEO2118 - 2]
0 01'28 Militon, Olivier Narrative, dreamy & intimate. Spanish guitar duet in Latin mood. . klassische Gitarre, Kuba, zart, schlicht, vertraut [...]
CEO2118 The Breeze in the Koshi
[CEO2118 - 4]
1 02'04 Militon, Olivier Crystalline, sparse, minimaliste & discontinued. Koshi (Japanese percussion), piano & echo fx. kristallin, hoch, koshi, metallisch, mysteriös [...]
CEO2118 The Breeze in the Koshi Alternate
[CEO2118 - 9]
0 01'06 Militon, Olivier Flashback. Crystalline, sparse, minimaliste & discontinued. Koshi (Japanese percussion) & piano. kristallin, hoch, flashback, koshi, metallisch [...]
CEO2118 Continuous Dialogue
[CEO2118 - 7]
0 01'31 Militon, Olivier Narrative, sparse, interrogative & minimaliste. Solo piano. introspektiv, schlicht, abwartend, erzählend, akustisches Klavier [...]
CEO2118 So Close Yet so Far
[CEO2118 - 8]
0 01'59 Militon, Olivier Distant, hazy, sparse, minimalist & suspended. Sound-design & piano. sozialkritisch, flashback, atmosphärisch, trostlos, abwartend [...]
CEO2118 Living in Dreams
[CEO2118 - 6]
0 01'11 Militon, Olivier Flashback. Distant, nebulous & nostalgic. Sound-design with echo fx. Suggested for flashback. flashback, verträumt, windig, melancholisch, paranormal [...]
CEZ4426 Mysterious Lights
[CEZ4426 - 22]
0 01'57 Militon, Olivier Wedding. Exhilarating & naive. Piano, orchestra & percussion. Constant progression. Liebeskomödie, Hochzeit, Outdoor, begeisternd, naiv [...]
CEO2100 A Writer in his Time
[CEO2100 - 4]
0 1'49 Militon, Olivier Emotional, delicate, luminous & inspiring. String orchestra with piano. bewegend, Panorama, TV-Serien, luftig, Land & Garten [...]
CEO2084 A Writer in his Time
[CEO2084 - 1]
0 1'48 Militon, Olivier Emotional, delicate, luminous & inspiring. String orchestra with piano. Schicksal, bewegend, Handwerk, zart, friedlich [...]
CEO2084 A Destiny
[CEO2084 - 2]
0 1'50 Militon, Olivier Pensive, restrained, narrative & passionate. String orchestra. Schicksal, introspektiv, zeitgenössische Geschichte, Streichorchester, Liebesfilme [...]
CEO2084 Midnight's Children
[CEO2084 - 3]
0 1'29 Militon, Olivier Tender, peaceful, elegant & dreamy. Solo piano. melancholisch, Nu Piano, Liebesfilme, zart, sozialkritisch [...]
CEO2084 Step Across This Line
[CEO2084 - 4]
0 3'08 Militon, Olivier Build-up gradually from refined & luminous piano arpeggio to inspired & romantic theme with string [...] Schicksal, Liebesfilme, Handwerk, zuversichtlich, zart [...]
CEO2084 Sea of Stories
[CEO2084 - 5]
0 1'12 Militon, Olivier Mysterious, threatening & tragic. String orchestra with electronics & bell. Schicksal, Meer, mysteriös, Dokufiktion, abwartend [...]
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