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Julien Vega

Julien Vega was born in Provence in 1982. He studied piano, harmony, orchestration, arrangement, and analysis at various national conservatories (Aix en Provence, Montpellier, Nice) and obtained a 1st prize in piano and musical training, then a State diploma as a piano teacher.

A multifaceted musician, versatile arranger, and sensitive orchestrator, he can be found at the piano in various classical, jazz and contemporary music groups, sometimes on trumpet, and even floating on the sea (Compagnie La Rumeur / Marseille).

Since 2011, he has signed numerous television, radio and advertising packages with his major partner Cézame Music Agency, notably for UNICEF, Dior, Korkenkorva, and the soundtrack of "Le divan de Staline" with G. Depardieu.

He is also a winner of the competition for the best-animated film music (CIMFA - Annecy 2013).

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