Samard Polikar


Claude SAMARD POLIKAR is an explorer of musical landscapes. Over the years he has traveled successfully across many diverse musical territories as a musician, arranger, producer and film composer. (2 Best Music Awards in major international Film Festivals). Studied at Berklee College of Music (Boston-USA). Claude started his musical career as a studio guitarist and  soon became an accomplished arranger with several gold and platinum credits to his name.
He then evolved quite naturally into producing and composing music for films, documentaries, video games and music libraries, when not working as a musician/Musical Director for electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre (since 2004)

Claude SAMARD POLIKAR’s unique compositional versatility led him to involvement in far-ranging projects like scoring UbiSoft’s runaway international video game hit Rayman as well as composing reggae songs for Rita Marley.
His first movie soundtrack "Bo Ba Bu" (Directed by Uzbek Ali Khamraev) won the Best Music Award in 2001 at the Shanghai International FIlm Festival. “The folk music of Central Asia and modern music are beautifully blended in BO BA BU” was the Jury's comment.

His score for Max Sender's  "Christopher Roth"  was voted Best Music at Sao Paulo-Brazil 5th Cinefantastic Festival (2010).
His collaboration with Cezame now showcases more than 30 songs. "Vision of China" (CEZ 4133) , his latest release from 2014 is a good example of the blend of organic and electronic sounds that has become Claude SAMARD POLIKAR’s indelible and successful trademark.

More on Claude Samard-Polikar :

Album Titel Vers. Länge Komponist/Autor Beschreibung Suchbegriffe
CEZ4133 Gao Tie
[CEZ4133 - 1]
1 2'18 Samard, Claude Inspirational & proud. Chinese ethnic instruments, electronics & cinematic rhythm @ 0'37. China, Electro World, Geopolitik, Corporate, kalt [...]
CEZ4133 Gao Tie 2
[CEZ4133 - 15]
0 1'51 Samard, Claude Atmospheric & suspended. Chinese ethnic instruments, electronics percussion & drums @ 1'08. China, Electro World, Corporate, erhu, Geopolitik [...]
CEZ4133 Tenacity and Ingenuity
[CEZ4133 - 2]
2 2'32 Samard, Claude Urban & unusual. Electro dub/trap. Chinese ethnic instruments & electronics. Kung-Fu-Film, China, Electro World, Geopolitik, Nachtleben [...]
CEZ4133 Tenacity and Ingenuity 2
[CEZ4133 - 17]
0 2'32 Samard, Claude Urban & unusual. Electro dub/trap. Chinese ethnic instruments & electronics. Female vocal @ [...] Electro World, China, Geopolitik, außer der Reihe, sinnlich [...]
CEZ4133 Tenacity and Ingenuity 3
[CEZ4133 - 19]
0 1'47 Samard, Claude Urban & unusual. Electro dub/trap. Female vocal. Chinese ethnic instruments & electronics. Mode, Werbung, aktuell, zeitgenössiche Kunst, daytime TV [...]
CEZ4133 Tech Center
[CEZ4133 - 4]
0 2'41 Samard, Claude Weird & mysterious. Electronics, Erhu (violon chinois) & voice FX. China, Electro World, Kung-Fu-Film, erhu, Geopolitik [...]
CEG5024 Sunburst
[CEG5024 - 4]
0 02'52 Claude Polikar, Vincent Leibovitz Constant, wandering & inexorable. Banjo, pedal steel guitar & baritone guitar. Desert & [...] trostlos, Berglandschaften, Abwartend, ziellos, Panorama [...]
CEZ4133 Vision of China
[CEZ4133 - 3]
0 2'49 Samard, Claude Panoramic & majestic. Chinese ethnic instruments, electronics & rhythm @ 0'48. Kung-Fu-Film, World Music, China, Guzheng, Electro World [...]
CEZ4133 Go East Young Man
[CEZ4133 - 5]
1 3'38 Samard, Claude Filtered atmospheric intro. @ 1'28 positive & lively country rhythm with electric guitar & [...] China, daytime TV, schwungvoll, E-Gitarre, alternative Country [...]
CEZ4133 Go East Young Man 2
[CEZ4133 - 21]
0 2'09 Samard, Claude Positive & lively. Mix of tradionnal chinese music & country. Electric guitar, rhythm & [...] komisch, kitschig & cheesy, alternative Country, anachronistisch, China [...]
CEZ4133 World Factory
[CEZ4133 - 9]
0 2'01 Samard, Claude, Ngouane, Sathy Serious, tense, determined & urgent. Chinese ethnic instruments, electronics & rhythm. China, Schlagzeilen, Kung-Fu-Film, kriegerisch, Industrie [...]
CEZ4054 Outcasts
[CEZ4054 - 3]
0 2'15 Leibovitz, Vincent, Samard, Claude Slow garage band with twangy guitar & fragile introspective groove. träge, Rock Ballade, plump, ziellos, E-Gitarre [...]
CEZ4054 Man Alone
[CEZ4054 - 7]
0 2'26 Samard, Claude, Leibovitz, Vincent My way or the highway... Heroic & distorted solo guitar. 1960, fx saturation, trostlos, 1970, Sandwüste [...]
CEZ4054 Timeless Express
[CEZ4054 - 20]
0 2'40 Samard, Claude Keep on rollin'... Up-beat train rhythm drums with country boogie guitars. Road Movies, Eisenbahn, Country & Western, schwungvoll, USA [...]
CEZ4053 Lake Shimmer
[CEZ4053 - 13]
0 2'33 Leibovitz, Vincent, Samard, Claude Natural, atmospheric & acoustic. Strings drones, simple guitar & banjo. atmosphärisch, abwartend, Berglandschaften, friedlich, USA [...]
CEZ4053 Sunburst
[CEZ4053 - 14]
0 2'47 Leibovitz, Vincent, Samard, Claude Heart of nature. Banjo loop with lap steel & baritone guitar. introspektiv, erzählend, verträumt, Berglandschaften, friedlich [...]
CEZ4053 Miles Away
[CEZ4053 - 15]
0 2'10 Leibovitz, Vincent, Samard, Claude Panoramique, atmospheric & toughtful. Slow keyboard drone with piano & guitar. Underscore, fragend, unabhängiges amerikanische Kino, schlicht, Sandwüste [...]
CEZ4052 Repeated Dreams
[CEZ4052 - 6]
0 2'11 Blanca, Loïs, Samard, Claude Waves of sound. Large ambient drone with guitar & synth. Soundscape, trostlos, Spannung, schlicht, Sandwüste [...]
CEZ4052 Harmony
[CEZ4052 - 11]
0 1'43 Leibovitz, Vincent, Samard, Claude Simple melody. Subtle and resonant Ebow guitar drone. E-bow Gitarre, atmosphärisch, Sandwüste, trostlos, abwartend [...]
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